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Help Survivors Find Their Voice

Empower survivors to write their own stories of perseverance and success.

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“You’re the first person who listened to me & believed me.”

Every survivor of domestic violence has a unique story to tell. For nearly 50 years, Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S) has been helping survivors overcome their fear, trauma, and despair to find their voices once again. As domestic violence continues to increase in frequency, severity, and complexity, we are grateful to you, our amazing community of supporters, for giving comfort and hope to thousands of survivors each year.

WC&S served 7,743 adults and children experiencing domestic violence last year through programs and services such as:

  • Hotline Services including phone, text, and chat, advocates assess the caller’s immediate safety (and contact emergency responders when needed), offer emotional support, and work with them to plan for their ongoing safety.
  • Emergency Shelter provides safety for survivors and their children (and beloved pets) in immediate lethal danger.
  • Legal Advocacy helps survivors navigate the court system.
  • Medical Advocacy guides health care practices and systems to enhance their response to DV.
  • Education and Outreach raises awareness of DV across communities and professions.
  • Children’s Advocacy Program provides a safe, welcoming, culturally competent, and nurturing space where child survivors of DV can heal from trauma.
  • Wellness Services including Support Groups and Individual Counseling helps survivors tell their stories and grow stronger through exploring their domestic violence trauma in an empathetic, non-judgmental environment.
  • …and much more.

It is a long journey, but piece by piece, survivors slowly put their lives back together, utilizing all of the resources and tools provided to them, along with the care and compassion extended by the WC&S staff, Board of Directors, and our community of friends like you. Thank you for being a member of the WC&S community.