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Honor & Remember the Women in Your Lives!

Give the women the chance to start over again.

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Support women and children escaping domestic violence.

Each woman who walks through Women's Center & Shelter's doors makes a life-changing decision, putting her trust in our programs and services that donors like you help to provide. Your support on her journey is a tremendous gift to her, a woman who has sacrificed so much to create a new future for her and her children.

Would you consider providing a special gift in honor or in memory of a special woman in your life, today?


  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Emergency Shelter and housing assistance for a new life
  • Individual crisis counseling
  • Legal and personal advocacy
  • Support groups for women, children, and men
  • Financial coaching and resources to rebuild their lives

Your contribution – to her new life so she has access to EVERYTHING she needs, NOW at her most vulnerable time.

$25 Provides one hour on our Hotline to receive critical emotional and practical support

$50 gives her the FIRST NIGHT OF SAFETY sheltered from physical, emotional, or financial abuse and access to everything she needs to live free from violence

$100 Powerful Safety Planning for four women to help leave abuse with the best success

$250 Emergency Shelter for a family so that fear of leaving the children behind does not have to be part of her story

Thank YOU for making a difference in women and children escaping violence!