Make their dream of a brighter future a reality.  image

Make their dream of a brighter future a reality.

Give today. Help start their journey to freedom.

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You can give shelter, support, and self worth.

For survivors of intimate partner violence and their children, the journey to freedom can be a long and frightening one, often beginning with uncertainty and chaos. But, there comes a moment of hope when that slowly begins to change. Bravely and with an unrelenting strength, survivors reach out for help and connect with Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S) in a number of different ways based upon their family’s immediate and long-term needs. It’s an act of courage that often entails leaving behind a life that is familiar but no longer holds the promise of better days ahead. Leaving an abusive relationship is immeasurably difficult, but necessary, so that the promise of a brighter future becomes a reality.

This year, WC&S anticipates serving a staggering 8,000 adults and children. Your generous gift can provide:

• A life-saving call to our 24-Hour Hotline, where a compassionate advocate will work with the caller to create a safety plan that will ultimately help her to escape abuse.

• The very first night of safety in our Emergency Shelter, where she and her children can sleep peacefully for the first time in what often feels like forever.

• Educational Support Groups to help her begin to heal from trauma and move forward.

• A new beginning and a chance for her to regain a sense of self-worth and confidence.

It’s incredible what a donation of any size can do. You have the opportunity to show survivors and their children that they matter.